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Toshihisa Yoda


1940       Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

1962-65  Musashino Fine Art University, Tokyo

1966       Moves to New York

1967-69  Brooklyn Museum Art School at  

               Brooklyn Museum

1970       The Art Students League, New York


Solo Exhibitions:

1975       Lotus Gallery, New York

1983       Just Above Midtown/Downtown

               Gallery, New York

1987       The Community Gallery, Shizuoka

               Prefectural Museum of Art,

               Shizuoka, Japan

1987       Gallery Okazaki, Kyoto, Japan

1988       Nantenshi Gallery, Tokyo Japan

1992       Nantenshi gallery SOKO, Shinkiba,

               Tokyo, Japn

1994       Nantenshi Gallery SOKO, Shinkiba,

               Tokyo, Japan

1998       Nantenshi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2006       Facial Index New York, New York

2011       "Umbrella Plants" Gallery MC

                New York

2014       "Triangles" Gallery MC, New York


Group Exhibitions:

1972        "Contemporary Japanese Art" at

                Union Carbide Building, New York

1976-77   "Contemporary Reflections" at

                 Aldrich Museum of Contemporary

                 Arts, Connecticut

1979        "Windows on the East", A Survey of

                Contemporary Japanese Art at

                World Trade Center, New York

1980        "Art Today 80" at SEIBU Museum of

                 Art, Tokyo, Japan

1987        "The Tenth Anniversary Exhibition,

                Painting 1977-87" at the National

                Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan

1991        "90 Fukuyama Art Project" at

                Fukuyama Museum of Art, Hiroshima,


1992        "NICAF Yokohama' 92", Kanagawa,


1994        "Betrayal/Empowerment" by Asian

                American Centre at Columbia

                University , New York

1995        "Modern Art of Japan", The National

                Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan

1996        "New Acquisitions Show" at The

                National Museum of Modern Art,

                Tokyo, Japan

1998        "Aspects of Line", The National

                Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan

2001        "Japanese Artists in New York",

                Takamatsu City Museum of Art,


2002        "New Acquisitions and Study for

                Contemporary Art" Hiroshima City

                Museum of Contemporary Art,


2005        "Assemblage" Takamatsu City

                Museum of Art, Japan

2006        "Seeing/Creating Continuum"

                Postmodernism Art, curated by

                Teruo Fujieda at Musashino Art

                University, Tokyo, Japan

2006        "Black & White" at Holland Tunnel,

                 New York

2007        "Making A Home: Japanese

                Contemporary Artists in New York

                Curated by Eric C. Shiner



                DIMITRIJEVIC" at Gallery MC,

                Curated by GORAZD POPOSKI

2009        "GRAND TOUR 2" Gallery MC,

                Organized by Gorazd Poposki

2013        "Abstraction" Toshihisa Yoda/

                "Welcome Aboard" Junko Yoda

                Gallery MC, New York, Curated by

                Gorazd Poposki

2014        "An Homage to Takashi Tsujii /

                Seiji Tsutsumi" Exhibition 2014

                at Sezon Museum of Modern Art,

                Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan



IBM New York


Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art


Ohara Museum of Art


Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art


Sezon Museum of Art


Takamatsu City Museum of Art


Fukuyama Museum of Art


The National Museum of Art, Osaka


The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto


The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo


Toyama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art








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